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Preservation Products Roof Restoration Systems are proven to protect and repair existing roof substrates of many types. Flexible elastomeric roof coatings provide corrosion, moisture and thermal protection with incredible adhesion and durability.


Metal roofs are one of the most popular types of roofs, especially in the historic preservation community; however, they often require frequent roof maintenance. Harsh weather conditions, such as found in the Mid-Atlantic states, cause corrosion and leaks that are both unsightly and destructive.

Acrymax elastomeric coatings are able to expand and contract with the underlying metal surface to provide unparalleled moisture and thermal protection.

Existing Asphalt

Asphalt substrates are among the most commonly used commercial and residential roofs. Despite being a great waterproofing agent, asphalt is degraded by UV sunlight. This, in combination with weathering, often leads to roof leaks and premature roof failure.

Whether it be an existing built-up roof, a smooth or granulated asphalt surface, a cold-process roof, or a modified bitumen roof, acrylic elastomeric roof coatings and reinforced roofing systems from Preservation Products are the answer for extending the life of these roofs.


Concrete is a porous material that will absorb water, leading to many problems: cracking, spalling, roof leaks and general deterioration. Commonly used in the Caribbean, concrete roofs need more than just a coat of paint — they need protection.

Preservation Products coating and reinforced roof systems provide long term protection on concrete surfaces. Preservation Products coating systems have even been used by the National Park Service for preservation of concrete walking surfaces at historic forts such as Fort Moultrie and Fort Sumter!

Roof Board/Plywood

With roof board materials becoming increasingly popular in roof recovery and new construction projects, Preservation Products has elastomeric Roof Restoration Systems designed for today’s latest roof boards, such as DensDeck® by Georgia-Pacific™. These roof boards are designed to address various challenges inherent in commercial roofing applications: fire resistance, moisture absorption, and strength and dimensional stability.

Preservation Products fully reinforced systems can be used directly over plywood surfaces for both new construction and restoration. In some cases, skilled contractors have designed faux standing-seam metal roofs over new plywood.


Single-ply roof membranes come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. And whether it’s a single-ply TPO, EPDM or Hypalon membrane, our Roof Restoration Systems can solve your roof repair and preservation needs.