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Installation Guides

HP-1 Fully Reinforced Membrane System

The Acrymax HP-1 Reinforced Membrane System is a fluid-applied fully reinforced membrane system for weatherproofing existing roofs and other acceptable substrates. Combining multiple coats of Acrymax elastomeric coatings with high strength polyester reinforcement, the HP-1 system cures to a durable, weatherproof, and fully-adhered elastomeric membrane with superior durability and weatherability. Installation Guide

HP-2 Partially Reinforced System

The Acrymax HP-2 Partially Reinforced System is a hybrid system combining protective coatings and reinforced membranes. Reinforcement is used on seams, flashings, and other critical areas and to repair problem areas. After application of reinforcement the roof is then coated with a protective coating system. Installation Guide

HP-3 Protective Coating System

The Acrymax HP-3 Preservation System is a protective elastomeric coating system for use on acceptable smooth-surfaced substrates. Applied in a minimum of 2 coats the HP-3 System is designed to provide protection against the damaging effects of the weather. This system provides a barrier against ultraviolet light and the elements and will extend the life of the roof to which it is applied. Installation Guide