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Coating Systems

Paints and coatings provide protection for the built environment. While the terms paint and coating are often used interchangeably, a coating is a highly engineered material that provides a functional layer of protection as well as an aesthetic element. Preservation Products specializes in Acrymax elastomeric coatings, a water-based coating that has a proven track record of durability and weatherproofing.

A Coating System goes beyond what any individual coating can do.

Preservation Products has developed Coating Systems customized for historic preservation, tin roof repair and general weatherproofing that maintain the historic character of your building while providing state-of-art protection. A custom roof or wall Coating System includes different functional layers to provide complete protection for your building, following specific application methods and quality control measures to ensure durability.

Additional proven applications for Preservation Products Coating Systems include:

  • masonry wall coatings
  • deck coatings
  • metallic effect coatings
  • structural metal protective coatings
  • specialty applications.