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Elastomeric Coatings

Preservation Products specializes in flexible protective coatings, otherwise known as elastomeric coatings.

Elastomers are cross-linked polymer networks that will expand and contract under an applied stress, but will return to their original shape when the stress is removed. The 100% acrylic resins with which Preservation Products elastomeric coatings are formulated are the best in the industry. These resins are internally plasticized allowing them to maintain low-temperature and long-term flexibility.

Preservation Products' proprietary elastomeric coatings are known their safety, aesthetic and performance features, making them ideal for historic roof restoration, tin roof repair, general historic preservation and weatherproofing.


Performance & Environmental Features & Benefits




Maintains flexibility down to -30° F

UV Resistant

Resists damage from ultra-violet radiation


Can be recoated at any time to extend life of system


Lowers application costs and overspray concerns

Dirt Resistant

Resists airborne contaminants and acid rain


Wide range of standard & custom colors


Reduces concerns about VOCs