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Roof Restoration Systems

Versatile solutions for historic preservation, tin roof repair and general weatherproofing.

A roof protects your building, its contents, and even you from the effects of weather. But your roof needs protection, too! Rain, snow, wind, and even sunlight attack your roof in a never-ending battle. A battle that, if lost, can be very costly. For weatherproof protection that you can trust choose Preservation Products Roof Restoration Systems.

Tin roofs, corrugated metal roofs, asphalt and concrete flat roofs can all be restored or preserved with a flexible elastomeric coating system, while maintaining the historic character and charm. You can also weatherproof and seal almost any surface.

Preservation Products offers 3 versatile Roof Restoration Systems:

Preservation Products can help you choose the best system for your roof. View our comparison chart, learn about the versatility and durability of elastomeric coatings and call us! 1 (800) 553-0523.