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Types of Systems

Choosing a Preservation Products Roof Restoration System that meets your needs will depend on the unique characteristics of your project. Several key features must be considered:

A Choice of Systems

Name Description No. Coats Dry Film Thickness
HP-1 - Fully Reinforced Restoration System Fully reinforced membrane system 4 45 - 50 mils
HP-2 - Partially Reinforced Restoration System A partially reinforced membrane system at critical areas and a protective coating system over the balance of the roof. 2 - 3

40 - 50 mils reinforced

15 - 25 mils unreinforced

HP-3 - Preservation System Protective elastomeric coating system. 2

15 - 20 mils

3 25 mils

HP-1 - Fully Reinforced Membrane System

The HP-1 System should be used when the roof to be covered is in poor condition or when a complete membrane system is necessary. The HP-1 System should be considered on metal roofs when the roof has been coated with asphalt-based materials. This system should also be used on existing asphalt built-up roofs, new plywood roof decks, gutters, and other areas where a primary membrane is required.

HP-2 - Partially Reinforced System

The HP-2 System is recommended when the roof is in fair to good condition and is only leaking at seams, flashings, valleys, built-in gutters and other transitional areas. The hybrid nature of this system makes it one of our most popular systems.

HP-3 - Protective Coating System

The HP-3 System is used on roofs that are in good to excellent condition or on new metal surfaces. This system is used to preserve and extend the life of the roof. It is also used to provide architectural color.