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Preservation Products is here to make a contractor's life easier.

For a contractor, a high-quality product ensures that a project is not only finished, but finished correctly – the first time, with no call backs. Preservation Products offers the finest coatings available on the market, and we specialize in Roof Restoration Systems for historic buildings.

Preservation Products can meet almost any weatherproofing challenge with our diverse products:

  • elastomeric roof coatings
  • fluid applied roof membranes
  • elastomeric wall coatings
  • acrylic concrete or masonry sealers
  • rubber or epoxy deck coatings
  • rust preventive coatings
  • reflective cool roof coatings



A critical part of any successful roofing, painting or construction project is teamwork. Acrymax works closely with contractors to assure proper application of our products. As a partner in our team, contractors receive trusted support in the form of detailed product data, sales tools, and even on-site assistance.