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Historic building owners and vintage homeowners are faced with many challenges. If located within historic districts these buildings must meet standards for historic preservation, which often limits the options for the maintenance necessary to preserve these buildings.

Preservation Products are designed to help. In some cases the roof may only require a protective maintenance coating to extend the life of the roof, but when a complete roof system is required, the Fully Reinforced Restoration System offers exceptional long term performance.

Metal Roofs

We have developed custom Roof Restoration Systems for historic metal roofs that can save thousands of dollars, meet historic restoration standards, and provide long term and lasting waterproof protection — while retaining the original look of the building.

Flat Roofs

For these roofs aesthetics is not the highest priority — roof performance is. Preservation Products offers a range of options for flat and low sloped roofs. Preservation Products cool roof systems offer superior performance and energy savings for flat roofs.

Beyond Roofing

Preservation Products is well-suited to preserving exterior surfaces beyond roofs. Our Coating Systems can protect decks and sidewalks, masonry, metal, concrete, and add metallic and color effects to almost any exterior surface.

Preservation Products are easy to work with

We can assist in locating an applicator for your project. We also enjoy working with new contractors if you have someone already in mind.

The waterborne and environmentally friendly nature of Acrymax coatings lends them to Do-It-Yourself projects as well. Homeowners have instant access to detailed product information and installation guides and can always call on the experienced technical support team at Preservation Products.