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Preservation Products is dedicated to sustainability on many levels: 

Low VOC Waterborne Coatings — Safer for you and the environment

Preservation Products' acrylic waterborne coatings offer both low VOC and low-odor benefits. Increasingly stringent VOC regulations as well as demand from consumers for environmentally responsible and safer coatings have led coatings manufacturers join the push towards sustainability. 

Cool Roofing — Saving energy and money

Many historic buildings have flat roofs, making them perfect candidates for cool roofing systems. Acrymax cool roof systems offer superior performance and energy savings for flat roofs. A cool roof provides high solar reflectance and high thermal emittance, reducing air conditioning costs, heat island effects, greenhouse gases and extending the life of the roof itself.

Durability — The essence of sustainability

No one embodies sustainability more than the historic preservation community. The use of vintage buildings for homes, museums, businesses and repurposed spaces is an important part of a sustainable community. The age old saying, “They don’t make ‘em like they used to," highlights the importance of preserving the durable structures of yesteryear.

Beyond preserving historic structures, Acrymax coatings are themselves highly durable. Preservation Products Coating Systems will last between 5 and 15 years before a recoat is recommended. If periodic recoats are applied, a Preservation Products Coating System will essentially last indefinitely.

Product Development — Engineering sustainability

Acrymax has a long-standing commitment to product development — not just developing new products, but continually improving our current technologies. Current product development is centered on improved product durability, utilizing recycled content in manufacturing, and development of “cool” deep-toned colors.