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Special Applications

Unique applications are a forte of Preservation Products and Acrymax. For 60 years Acrymax has formulated, designed, and manufactured coatings for a wide range of applications. With a background in engineering, our company enjoys formulating coatings to meet our clients’ needs. This engineering mindset transmits to the architectural projects we have worked on as well, and has led to custom designed systems that include walking surface coatings and systems, metallic effect coatings, and many more.

Similar to the HP-1 system designed for roofing, our HP-1-WS system is fully reinforced with polyester fabric to provide dimensional stability to system. Beyond its waterproofing ability, The HP-1-WS system also stands up to the abuses of foot traffic by incorporating our AF-130XT as a high strength finish coating. This system has shown excellent durability and was even selected for walking surfaces at Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie in South Carolina as well as many other historic forts around the country.

Preservation Products has also worked on metallic effect coatings. Our AF-132P is an elastomeric coating that is formulated with pearlescent pigments mimic the effect of gold, copper, silver and other dazzling color. Because of our selection of pigments, these coatings will not tarnish with age, but rather remain bright and vibrant.

In fact, Acrymax systems are so versatile that a version similar to our AF-130XT High Strength Elastomeric Coating has been used by NASA on the Space Shuttle. We are constantly discovering new uses for our versatile product. Bring us your protective coating challenge and we'll try to find an Acrymax answer for you.