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Wall Coatings

The benefits of Preservation Products coatings are not limited to roofs. 

Preservation Products offers both waterproof coatings and water repellents for masonry, concrete and synthetic stucco walls.


Water subjects masonry to potentially devastating effects of freeze/thaw cycles as well as efflorescence, both of which can cause rapid deterioration of masonry. An elastomeric wall coating, like Acrymax AF-135, has a whole host of features:

  • Stops moisture intrusion and preserves wall integrity.
  • Bridges hairline cracks, settlement cracks. 
  • Withstands wind-driven rain.
  • Mildew and dirt resistant finish.
  • A variety of standard, custom and metallic colors for any look.
  • Reflective white and light colors reduce surface temperatures and cooling costs.

Preservation Products also offers a water repellant. SR-5 is a penetrating water repellant that provides a breathable barrier to any porous masonry surface. This product dries to a nearly invisible finish that provides long term water repellency.

Water repellents vs. waterproof coatings

While sometimes used interchangeably, there are important differences between a water repellent and a waterproof coating:

  • Different technologies — Siloxane versus Acrylic.
  • Keep out water differently – SR-5 penetrates into the masonry to create a nearly invisible barrier to liquid water while AF-135 is applied in an elastomeric film on top of the surface.

For historic preservation, a water repellent may not be necessary or appropriate in some cases. An incorrectly applied water repellent may assist in trapping moisture in the wall instead of keeping it out. For more information on whether a water repellent is correct for your project, please consult Preservation Products directly or refer to the National Park Service Preservation Brief on Assessing Cleaning and Water-Repellent Treatments for Historic Masonry Buildings