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PR-101 EPDM Rinse Primer

PR-101 is a low viscosity rinsable primer used to improve the adhesion of Acrymax AF-130 or AF-130BC roof coatings to EPDM single-ply rubber membranes. Cleans and prepares EPDM for coating application.

PC-125 Rust Inhibitive Primer

A rust-inhibitive primer featuring direct-to-metal waterborne acrylic technology. Formulated with rust inhibitive pigments for long term corrosion protection.

PC-535 Elastomeric Rust Inhibitive Primer

PC-535 is a DTM waterborne acrylic primer, containing corrosion inhibiting pigments. PC-535 provides long-term corrosion protection with service life equal to or exceeding conventional corrosion inhibiting coatings, with the added benefits of extreme low temperature flexibility and low VOCs.

AF-127 Asphalt & Transite Sealer

An acrylic primer/sealer used for asphalt BUR and modified bitumen surfaces. Also useful on transite. Used after proper surface preparation to prime and seal chalky asphaltic surfaces prior to application of AF-130 series elastomeric roof coatings. Helps eliminate staining of elastomeric coatings by asphalt fractions.

AF-100 Concrete & Masonry Sealer

An acrylic concrete and masonry sealer. AF-100 is used to seal concrete surfaces such as warehouse or garage floors. Also used to prime, seal, and condition masonry or concrete surfaces prior to application of elastomeric coating systems. Exhibiting good gloss; good oil, gasoline, and water resistance. 

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