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What temperatures are best for application?

On cool weather application days, Acrymax coatings should not be applied when temperatures are below 45°F. Temperatures for 24 hours after application should ideally not fall below 45°F and must stay above freezing. At freezing temperatures, any water left remaining in the coating film can freeze and damage the paint film.

Do I need to remove all the old paint or coatings?

Removing all existing paint & coatings is generally the best method of preparation. At a minimum, loose, cracked or chipping paint must be removed. 

How do I prepare corroded or rusted metal?

The area to be coated should be thoroughly powerwashed to remove salt deposits and loose rust. Commercially available cleaners designed to remove soluble salts may be recommended on certain projects. All remaining loose rust must be removed by wire brushing or other suitable methods. It is important to note that more complete rust removal will result in better performance of the coating system.

What does application involve?

Application requires applying Acrymax coatings conscientiously under proper conditions, applying all materials that are specified in the manner specified, and using good construction and roofing practices.

What is involved in the Specification phase of application?

After assessment of the present condition and the individual requirements of the roof, a Preservation Products guideline specification can be developed, which will include: surface preparation, material selection, quantity of materials, number of coats, and if and where polyester reinforcement will be used. Three general specifications have been developed for metal roofs: the Preservation System, the Restoration System, and the Reinforced Restoration System.

What is involved in Assessment?

Assessment requires taking an honest look at the roof and determining the needs of the particular roof. What is the present condition of the roof? Is it leaking? Rusted? Previously coated with asphalt? Structurally sound? 

What other surfaces can Preservation Products systems be used on?

Preservation Products Coating Systems have been used successfully on a wide variety of surfaces including metal, asphalt, wood, concrete, transite, foam, masonry, and other common building materials.


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