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White Roofs - Cooler AND Greener

Cool roofing is hot!

Sounds like a contradiction in terms but Cool Roofs have become one of the “hottest” things in the roofing industry. “Cool roofs are one of the quickest and lowest cost ways we can reduce our global carbon emissions and begin the hard work of slowing climate change,” said Secretary of the Department of Energy, Steven Chu. To learn more, check out this article

Many historic buildings have flat roofs that can benefit from cool roofing. A cool roof provides high solar reflectance and high thermal emittance making it stay much cooler in the summer sun. Cool roofing is not only cost efficient, but is a great way to contribute to a greener world.

Why A Cool Roof?

  • Low cooling costs
  • Cooler house
  • Longer life span
  • Helping to mitigate the urban heat island effect

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