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Spring has Sprung!

The warm weather of Spring is a great time to enjoy the outdoors. It is also a reminder that your roof needs to be inspected. After all it has been up there all winter long through freezing temperatures, snow, rain, ice, and everything else that mother nature has thrown at it. 

Minor damage to roof membranes, flashings, and other parts of the roof if left unrepaired can lead to more significant damage to the roof and the building structure itself. Not to mention the damage that can be caused by water leaking into the building interior.

Most damage can be easily repaired with Acrymax. With Acrymax coatings and fabric reinforcement cracks can be sealed, flashings repaired, and other problems taken care of.

Consider an Acrymax Repair Kit to stop leaks and protect your structure.

This repair kit costs $180 (UPS ground shipping included), and it contains the following...

Product Description Quantity
HP-1000 Standard Elastomeric Base Coating 1 Gallon
HP-5000 High Strength Elastomeric Finish Coating 1 Gallon
AF-315 Kevlar® Fibrated Acrylic Flashing Grade 1 Quart
PC-535 DTM Rust Inhibitive Elastomeric Coating 1 Quart
Poly-1 Polyester Reinforcement Fabric 1 6"x100' Roll

Preservation Products coatings provide solutions for tinasphaltsingle-ply, and many other roofing materials.