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Free Webinar: How to use Roof Coatings to Protect Historic Homes

On Thursday, June 13 at 8pm Preservation Products Inc. will hold a free webinar through The webinar is titled, How to use Roof Coatings to Protect Historic Homes. 

You will learn how Elastomeric Roof Coating Systems:

  • Stop Leaks & Protect your Roof
  • Promote Sustainability
  • Provide Cool Roofing Solutions
  • Save Time & Money

If you have a historic home that has roof leaks, corrosion, or is a tired-looking roof this webinar is for you. Homeowners, preservation contractors, and even the National Park Service have found solutions to these challenging roofing problems by using Elastomeric Coating Systems

Its Free, so sign up today!! Click here to sign up and learn how to protect your historic home.