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Acrymax Technologies, Inc. heads to Ecobuild America Exhibition

Acrymax Technologies, Inc. will be an exhibitor at the Ecobuild America Exhibition in early December.

This exhibition will be a chance for Acrymax to share their new product, ARS-1R and all its benefits. ARS-1R is a fully reinforced high performance roof coating system containing recycled content. Ecobuild America focuses on sustainability, high performance, and technology solutions, making Acrymax a great candidate to attend. 

Eric Bennung, Product Development Engineer for Acrymax, will be one of the 2012 speakers. Eric will share information about the Acrymax’s high performance coating and roofing systems, as well as information on the new ARS-1R. 

The Ecobuild America Exhibition will be a great event for Acrymax Technologies, Inc., and is being held December 3-7, 2012 in Washington, DC Convention Center. 

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